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Organic ingredient checkoff campaign for consumer education

For those of us in the organic ingredient industry, it is plain as day the difference between terms such as “organic” which has strict legal definitions and terms like “natural” or “local”. However, a large portion of the country doesn’t necessarily know the difference. In a campaign to educate the public on the difference between Certified Organic products and products labeled with lesser claims such as “natural” or “local”, the OTA is petitioning the USDA to set up a commodity checkoff program to fund Organic consumer education.

The original article:

Organic check off campaign could defend sales of organic products against those making “lesser claims”

By Elizabeth Crawford, 02-Feb-2015

The need for an organic check off program is growing as consumer confusion about “lesser claims,” such as “natural,” and an emerging preference for “local” threaten sales of organic products, an executive at the Organic Trade Association says.

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