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CNBC’s Jim Cramer big supporter of natural and organic food

Jim Cramer has been one of the biggest supporters behind the natural and organic food wave that has swept the country. He considers it one of the most lucrative trends of our era.

Yet, there are some people who still have doubts about this movement. They say that organic food is just for rich people or that it’s not an economical way to approach agriculture and can’t feed the world. Try telling that to stocks like WhiteWave, Hain Celestial and Chipotle, who have made fortunes from feeding people in a natural and sustainable way.

Cramer was inspired when he saw a TED talk by Ali Partovi and knew he had to interview him for “Mad Money.” Partovi is a visionary angel investor, startup advisor and serial entrepreneur who has previously co-founded and sold two high-profile start-ups. He was also one of the first investors who saw the potential in Facebook.

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